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Saturday, November 11

6:15pm MST

2017 Welcome Ceremony
Get the inside scoop of the films at this year's Festival. See trailers and meet filmmakers from the Festival. Action, Adventure, Comedy, Documentary, Animation, Mystery… it's all here at the 11th Annual Red Rock Film Festival.

Saturday November 11, 2017 6:15pm - 6:45pm MST
Ramada — Screen A 1575 W 200 N, Cedar City, UT 84720
Friday, November 17

8:15pm MST

North & Nowhere (12m) + Don't Sell My Guitars (20m)
 North & Nowhere
Mountain West Premiere • Fiction Shorts
Genre: Drama, Comedy
2017 • USA
12 min. • 1.85:1 • Digital Arri Alexa
In English
DIR Scott Ballard, SCR Scott Ballard, PRO Scott Ballard, Molly Preston, ExePro , Co-Pro, , DP/CIN , ProDes , Edit , Costume , Mus , Art , SndMix , SndEd , Cast Erin McGarry, Brian Koch, Kate Hanson, Dicky Dahl, Sharae Foxie, Steve Ballard

In attempt to save what’s left of family Devan devises a super plan and show that she cares before her sibling. A girl, a gun and a last chance.

Don't Sell My Guitars
Mountain West Premiere • Documentary Short
Genre: Family, Drama, Romance, Western, Documentary, Music, Biography
2017 • USA • 20 min. 
In English
DIR Lynn Montgomery, SCR Lynn Montgomery, PRO Tudor Applen, Lynn Montgomery, Christopher ‘Monty’ Montgomery, ExePro , Co-Pro, , DP/CIN , ProDes , Edit Tudor Applen, Christopher ‘Monty’ Montgomery, Costume , Mus , Art Richard Kriegler, SndMix , SndEd , Cast 

Kenny played guitar in a bar and  his family lived in the adjacent motel. From those humble beginnings — a storyteller was born, the director's father Kenny Montgomery. How far will a father go to protect and love his family? Kenny picked Oklahoma cotton from the age of 5 and bought his first guitar from the Sears Roebuck catalogue when he was 7. By the time he was 10, preachers came from all over Oklahoma to take him to tent revivals to play his beloved Silvertone guitar. Over the years, he collected and played Gibsons, Martins and Fenders and when he wasn’t playing them they hung on the wall of his music room. Now in the final days of his long life, he has one last request, "Don’t sell my guitars," with a surprising revelation of what happened to his most beloved guitar of all: that old Sears Roebuck Silvertone.

Friday November 17, 2017 8:15pm - 9:00pm MST
Ramada — Screen C-2 1575 W 200 N, Cedar City, UT 84720
Saturday, November 18

12:00pm MST

Stanley: A Man Of Variety (82m) + Serval and Chaumier: Masters of Shadows (20m)
Stanley A Man Of Variety

 Premiere • Red Grid • Fiction
Genre: Comedy
2016 • United Kingdom • 82 min. • 2:35 • Red
In English
DIR Stephen Cookson, SCR Timothy Spall, Stephen Cookson, PRO Peter Keegan, ExePro , Co-Pro, , DP/CIN , ProDes , Edit , Costume , Mus , Art , SndMix , SndEd , Cast Timothy Spall

Stanley finds himself in prison for a crime that he believes that he didn’t commit. After many years in solitary confinement he begins to talk to his comedy heroes from the past as each one tries to help him remember what he’s done.

 Serval and Chaumier: Masters of Shadows

 Premiere • Red Grid • Fiction
Genre: comedy
2016 • France • 20 min. • 2,35:1 • HD
In French with English subtitles
DIR Arthur Goisset , Bastien Daret, SCR Bastien Daret, Arthur Goisset, PRO , ExePro , Co-Pro, , DP/CIN , ProDes , Edit , Costume , Mus , Art , SndMix , SndEd , Cast

1896. In a small French village, Jules Chaumier, professional magician, runs into Marcel Serval, his former disciple who left 10 years ago with his wife Jacqueline. They get into a fight, which should lead them to know who actually is the true “Master of Shadows”...

Saturday November 18, 2017 12:00pm - 1:45pm MST
Ramada — Screen C-1 1575 W 200 N, Cedar City, UT 84720

4:30pm MST

And The Moon Stands Still (11m) + Au Revoir Balthazar (10m) + The Pirate Cruncher (10m)
 And The Moon Stands Still
Utah Premiere • Animation Shorts
Genre: Fairy Tale, Drama, Fantasy, Artistic
2017 • Belarus • 11 min. • 16:9 • Digital
In English
DIR Yulia Ruditskaya, SCR Yulia Ruditskaya, David Lindner Leporda, HELEN SIMON, KATHARINA KÖSTER, PRO David Lindner Leporda, ExePro , Co-Pro, , DP/CIN , ProDes , Edit , Costume , Mus , Art , SndMix , SndEd , Cast 

The presence of the moon affects all under its glow. The film explores the lunar cycle and the energies invoked by its radiance.

 Au Revoir Balthazar

 Premiere • Animation Shorts • Animation
Genre: Animation, Stop Motion
2017 • Switzerland
10 min. • 1:1.85 • HD
In with English subtitles
DIR Rafael Sommerhalder, SCR Rafael Sommerhalder, PRO Stella Händler, Claudia Frei, ExePro , Co-Pro, , DP/CIN , ProDes , Edit , Costume , Mus , Art , SndMix , SndEd , Cast 

A scare crow, a storm, a broken leg. The resonant sound of a sea shell. Leaving forever.

The Pirate Cruncher

World Premiere • Animation Short
Genre: Family, Comedy, Animation, Adventure
2017 • USA • 10 min. • 1.78:1
In English
DIR Paul Conner, Stephen Baker, Paul Conner, SCR , PRO Howard Cook, ExePro , Co-Pro, , DP/CIN , ProDes , Edit Alexander Ang, James Dator-frigon, Costume , Mus James Mcpherson, Ian Campbell, Andrew MacIsaac, Rachel Gonzalez, Ted Leninger, Art , SndMix , SndEd , Cast 

An old fiddler tells a crew of pirates about an island with hidden treasure. Once they’ve set sail for the mysterious island, he tells them it is guarded by the terrible Pirate-Cruncher. Eventually their greed overcomes their fear and, when they arrive on the island they learn that the island itself is the Pirate Cruncher, who promptly swallows the whole crew.

Saturday November 18, 2017 4:30pm - 5:20pm MST
Ramada — Screen C-1 1575 W 200 N, Cedar City, UT 84720