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Saturday, November 11

6:15pm MST

2017 Welcome Ceremony
Get the inside scoop of the films at this year's Festival. See trailers and meet filmmakers from the Festival. Action, Adventure, Comedy, Documentary, Animation, Mystery… it's all here at the 11th Annual Red Rock Film Festival.

Saturday November 11, 2017 6:15pm - 6:45pm MST
Ramada — Screen A 1575 W 200 N, Cedar City, UT 84720

7:00pm MST

Floating Horses: The Life of Casey Tibbs (94m) + Dancing Girls (4m) + Energy (9m) + Hyperloop One (12m) + Niggun (12m) + Silence (7m) + I Built a Wall (11m)
Sponsored by Coldwell Banker Advantage
Floating Horses: The Life of Casey Tibbs (94m) + Dancing Girls (4m) + Energy (9m) + Hyperloop One: A Nation of Dreamers (12m) + Niggun (12m) + Silence (7m) + I Built a Wall (11m)
 Floating Horses: The Life of Casey Tibbs
Southern Utah Premiere • Documentary Full-length Feature
Genre: Drama, African American, Hispanic, Latino, Native American, Women, Western, Sport, Senior/Aging, Youth/Teen, Children, Action, Documentary, History, Biography
2017 • USA • 94 min. • 1.78:1 • 2K
In English
DIR Justin Koehler, SCR Justin Koehler, PRO Justin Koehler, ExePro Wyatt McCrea, Co-Pro, , DP/CIN Justin Koehler, ProDes , Edit Justin Koehler, Costume , Mus Ryan Waczek, Art , SndMix , SndEd Brooke Saelens, Cast Casey Tibbs, Steven Ford,Charlie Daniels,David Corlew,Dean Smith,Rick LeFevour,Red Steagall,Alex Cord,Jeb Rosebrook,Wyatt McCrea,Jamie Nudie,Cole Elshere,Jim Korkow,Gail Woerner,Cleo Harrington,Sandra Tibbs,Ernie King,Sunny Hannum,Edd Hayes,Elizabeth Donley,John Duffy,Dayle Angyal,Billy Etbauer,Billie Sutton,Baxter Black,Deb Copenhaver,John Wayne,Wilford Brimley,James Stewart,David Letterman,Joel McCrea,Warren Oates
American cowboy Casey Tibbs, a nine-time world champion who left home at the age of 13 in 1942 due to his father’s disdain of rodeo, had a rags-to-riches life after his groundbreaking spurring lick was developed and he was launched to stardom. Akin to riding a wild bronc in competition, his unpredictable journey had its grand victories and cheerless crashes. Get ready to “Let’er Buck!”
 Dancing Girls
Western States Premiere • Music Video
Genre: romance, nature, ethereal
2017 • USA • 4 min. • 2.35:1
In English
DIR Gio Toninelo, SCR , PRO , ExePro , Co-Pro, , DP/CIN , ProDes , Edit , Costume , Mus , Art , SndMix , SndEd , Cast Estella Dawn
Inspired by old western TV shows, this music video for “Estella Dawn” (New Zealand’s Got Talent finalist) was filmed in Evergreen, CO as a prelude to the release of her first album.
Utah Premiere • Short • Music Video
Genre: Art/Installation
2017 • Germany • 9 min. • 16:9 • 4K
English subtitles
DIR Martin Gerigk, SCR , PRO , ExePro , Co-Pro, , DP/CIN Martin Gerigk, ProDes , Edit Martin Gerigk, Costume , Mus , Art , SndMix Klaus Korte, SndEd , Cast
Essayistic study of energy for 12 cellos, nature sounds and rhythmicized video sequences. Contemporary music.
 Hyperloop One: A Nation Of Dreamers
World Premiere • Documentary Short
Genre: Documentary
2017 • USA • 12 min. • 1.78:1
In English
DIR Emily Siegel, Emily Siegel, Frankie Turiano, SCR , PRO Emily Siegel, Frankie Turiano, Taylor Halsted, ExePro Arun Chaudhary, Milo Siegel, Co-Pro, , DP/CIN Cameron Marshad, ProDes , Edit , Costume , Mus , Art , SndMix , SndEd , Cast Elon Musk
In 2012, entrepreneur Elon Musk called upon the world to create the Hyperloop: a mass transit system that would travel from L.A. to San Francisco in 30 minutes. We visit one of the teams building this technology at their top secret testing site in the Las Vegas desert, and in the process unpack how Americans have forgotten to dream when it comes to infrastructure. This video includes exclusive, never-before-seen footage of the Hyperloop system.
 Premiere • Animation Shorts
Genre: Animation
2017 • Israel • 12 min. • 16:9 • 2D Animation
In Hebrew with English subtitles
DIR Yoni Salmon, SCR Alon Rothem, PRO the thousandth crane productions,Alon Rothem, ExePro , Co-Pro, , DP/CIN , ProDes , Edit , Costume , Mus , Art , SndMix , SndEd , Cast
After a long journey through space the last two believers are about to reach their destination. Ananda, the space archaeologist, hopes to prove that Earth is not a myth and that all mankind did originated from the same tiny blue planet - but mostly he wants to prove his colleagues and his father wrong and to make the biggest discovery in history. Yamaka, the outcast rabbi, is searching for something subtler. He believes that Jerusalem is not just a mystical idea, but an actual place, where he might find the feeling of holiness missing in his life. Together they followed the clues and arrived at their destination, but instead of a living planet and a holy city, they find only the fragments of what once was...
Southern Utah Premiere • Collegiate Shorts • Fiction
Genre: Drama
2017 • USA • 7 min. • 4:3 • Super 16mm
In with English subtitles
DIR Ben Glassman, SCR Ben Glassman, PRO Ben Glassman, Elise Glasgow, Nader Motamedi, ExePro , Co-Pro, , DP/CIN , ProDes , Edit , Costume , Mus , Art , SndMix , SndEd , Cast David Air
A Jewish man hiding in German-occupied Poland rediscovers the joy of music while creating a makeshift gramophone.
 I Built a Wall
Premiere • Fiction Shorts • Fiction
Genre: Drama
2017 • USA • 11 min. • 2.35:1 • Digital
In English
DIR Gary Groth, AJ Groth, SCR AJ Groth, Gary Groth, PRO AJ Groth, Gary Groth, ExePro , Co-Pro, , DP/CIN , ProDes , Edit , Costume , Mus , Art , SndMix , SndEd , Cast Tess Harrison, Joe Cadiff
When He builds a wall in the middle of nowhere, She comes to discover what it’s all about.

Saturday November 11, 2017 7:00pm - 9:30pm MST
Ramada — Screen A 1575 W 200 N, Cedar City, UT 84720
Sunday, November 12

6:00pm MST

China Doll (20m) + Fever (10m)
 China Doll - Love, Obsession and Hard Traditional Climbing with Heather Weidner
Utah Premiere • Documentary Shorts • Documentary
Genre: Romance, Action Sports, Documentary
2017 • USA • 20 min. • 16:9 • Digital UHD 4K
In English
DIR Jon Glassberg, SCR Caroline Treadway, PRO , ExePro , Co-Pro, , DP/CIN , ProDes , Edit , Costume , Mus , Art , SndMix , SndEd , Cast Heather Weidner, Chris Weidner

China Doll is a provocative exploration of gender stereotypes, romance, and rock climbing. Witness Heather Weidner battle personal demons in the world of hard traditional climbing. With her ascent of China Doll, a 5.14- R traditional route in Upper Dream Canyon, Colorado, U.S.A., Heather Weidner nabs the first female ascent, and becomes the fourth woman in the world to climb a 5.14 traditional route. In the process, she discovers that loving herself is the ultimate project. This story exposes the pervasive nature of unconscious gender roles and reveals differences in how men and women approach love and sport. Heather and her husband have what many climbers would call the perfect relationship. Despite external achievements and support from her husband, Heather refuses to believe in herself. This emblematic struggle is not just about discovering personal freedom, but giving oneself permission to enjoy it. Is confidence a choice?LT11’s director Jon Glassberg teams up with writer Caroline Treadway in this groundbreaking short film starring Heather and Chris Weidner.

Utah Premiere • Fiction Shorts • Fiction
Genre: Drama, Youth, Travel
2017 • USA • 10 min. • 2.35:1 • 4K
In Arabic, English, Japanese, Nepali with English subtitles
DIR Celine Held, Logan George, SCR Celine Held, Logan George, PRO Celine Held, Logan George, ExePro , Co-Pro, , DP/CIN , ProDes , Edit , Costume , Mus , Art , SndMix , SndEd , Cast Yuza “Shiro” Hiroumi, Nikesh Ghimire, Shahla Al Balushi, Aamahri Nicholson

Four young people unknowingly walk toward a moment in their lives when a fever overtakes them, bringing out their most basic instincts.

Sunday November 12, 2017 6:00pm - 6:45pm MST
Ramada — Screen C-1 1575 W 200 N, Cedar City, UT 84720

9:00pm MST

Family Rewritten (13m) + Game (15m)
 Family Rewritten

Mountain West Premiere • Documentary Shorts
Genre: Animation, Documentary
2017 • USA • 13 min. • 16:9
In with English subtitles
DIR Yasmin Mistry, SCR Maxine Trump, PRO Yasmin Mistry, Octavia Vaughn, ExePro , Co-Pro, , DP/CIN , ProDes , Edit , Costume , Mus , Art , SndMix , SndEd , Cast Camilla Tecsy, Kim Flodin, Farhan Ali, Maja-Lisa Flodin-Ali, Yasmine Flodin-Ali

Despite battling Cystic Fibrosis, Camilla, age 16, identifies as a typical middle-class American teenager until the thread that holds her family together suddenly snaps. Just months before her 18th birthday Camilla finds herself in foster care, but instead of being ashamed, she makes a conscious decision to not let her situation define her.


U.S. Premiere • Fiction Short
Genre: Drama, African American, Black, Women, Sport, Youth/Teen, Action
2017 • USA • 15 min. • 16:9 • 2K
In English
DIR Jeannie Donohoe, SCR Jeannie Donohoe, PRO Joey Horvitz, ExePro , Co-Pro, Greg Gilreath, DP/CIN Paula Huidobro, ProDes Cindy Chao, Michele Yu, Edit Saira Haider, Costume , Mus , Art , SndMix , SndEd , Cast Nicole Williams,Rick Fox,Tye White,Jamie McShane,Charles Parnell,Dominique Columbus,Michael Purdie

A.J. Green, a new kid in town, shows up at the high school boys basketball tryouts, and instantly makes an impression. Coach takes notice, and so do the other players, some of whom feel threatened by the new blood. The school’s team is excellent ’second best in the state’ and this is the year Coach plans to win it all. A.J. proves himself on the court and clearly has talent, heart, and drive’ as well as a big secret. Will A.J. be able to claim a spot on the team once the players and coach discover the truth?

Sunday November 12, 2017 9:00pm - 9:45pm MST
Ramada — Screen C-1 1575 W 200 N, Cedar City, UT 84720
Monday, November 13

8:20pm MST

Nymphadelle (55m) + Elja - 376 A.D. (29m)

 Premiere • Fiction Featurettes • Fiction, Student
Genre: Adventure, Road-movie
2017 • France • 55 min. • 2.39:1 • Digital
In French with English subtitles
DIR Quentin de Jubécourt, SCR Quentin de Jubécourt, PRO Isabelle Inglebert, ExePro , Co-Pro, , DP/CIN , ProDes , Edit , Costume , Mus , Art , SndMix , SndEd , Cast Lucas Bernardi, Audrey Marain, Olivier Ledauphin, Sidney Laurent, Clément Cordero, Patrick Guidetti, Chems Tricot

A long time ago, in a medieval world, Aegeus, son of Lord Theron, is forced to hide in the forest after the murder of his parents for political reasons. He meets there a young woman, Asteria, who decides to follow him on his journey.

 Elja - 376 A.D.
International Premiere • Fiction Shorts
Genre: Adventure
2017 • Germany • 29 min. • 2.39:1 • 2K@24p
In German, Latin with English subtitles
DIR Willi Kubica, SCR Janosch Kosack, PRO Julia Deumling, Theresa Bacza, ExePro , Co-Pro, , DP/CIN , ProDes , Edit , Costume , Mus , Art , SndMix , SndEd , Cast Jana Klinge, Johannes Meier, Michael Rast, Matthias Kostya, Seraina Leuenberger, Daniel Holzberg

376 AD — a refugee crisis in the Roman Empire. The destiny of a Germanic family and its tribe reveals a historical perception on today’s migrational movements. Inspired by actual events. The summer of 376 AD. The Gothic female warrior Elja is forced to give in to the marauding Huns and to seek shelter for herself and her clan in the Roman empire. Once at the border they must wait for orders and provisions from the Roman authorities. Elja tries to understand the Roman plans in spite of the language barrier. Reluctantly Elja must hand over her sword as the Roman general Cossus tells her that, being a woman, she will never be accepted as a warrior in Rome. She feels helplessly at the mercy of her alleged allies and their laws. Why is she being treated like a prisoner of war? Why can’t she travel onwards with her clan? What will happen when the Huns reach their camp? The Gothic faith — and in turn Elja’s entire identity — is put to the test. When Cossus surprisingly calls upon the Gothic clan leaders, tempers reach their boiling point and the situation escalates.

Monday November 13, 2017 8:20pm - 9:45pm MST
Ramada — Screen A 1575 W 200 N, Cedar City, UT 84720
Thursday, November 16

4:45pm MST

Say the Sins (10m) + Go Paul (17m)
 Say The Sins
Southern Utah Premiere • Fiction Shorts
Genre: Comedy
2017 • USA • 10 min. • 2.35: 1 • RED
In English
DIR Alexander Woods, SCR Shawn Francis Saunders, Alexander Woods, PRO Scott E. Twitchell, Dallin Cerva, ExePro , Co-Pro, , DP/CIN , ProDes , Edit , Costume , Mus , Art , SndMix , SndEd , Cast Joseph Skousen, Jenny Latimer, Christopher Clark

A young Catholic Priest hears his first confessional with a strange woman who has a very peculiar TV fetish. Although, not exactly a sin, she insists on being scolded… and with an accent.

 Go Paul
 Utah Premiere • Fiction Shorts
Genre: Dark Comedy
2017 • Germany
17 min. • 2.35:1 • Red & Sony Alpha 7S
In German with English subtitles
DIR Felix Karolus, SCR Wolfgang Aichholzer & Felix Karolus, PRO Felix Karolus, ExePro , Co-Pro, , DP/CIN , ProDes , Edit , Costume , Mus , Art , SndMix , SndEd , Cast 
A banker, a thief, a love-affair, a kidnapping, an accident and a bystander with everyone's ego getting in the way. A film you have to see to believe and perhaps described by the song "Los Paul" from Trio: “Action, Action. You have power over me, nonetheless I have no need of you and I don’t like you anymore. I will leave you now and then you can kiss my butt.” "Everybody thinks to be on top of the game and to outsmart everybody else."

Thursday November 16, 2017 4:45pm - 5:20pm MST
Ramada — Screen C-1 1575 W 200 N, Cedar City, UT 84720
  Orientation Screening — Competition Shorts, Short
Saturday, November 18

12:00pm MST

Stanley: A Man Of Variety (82m) + Serval and Chaumier: Masters of Shadows (20m)
Stanley A Man Of Variety

 Premiere • Red Grid • Fiction
Genre: Comedy
2016 • United Kingdom • 82 min. • 2:35 • Red
In English
DIR Stephen Cookson, SCR Timothy Spall, Stephen Cookson, PRO Peter Keegan, ExePro , Co-Pro, , DP/CIN , ProDes , Edit , Costume , Mus , Art , SndMix , SndEd , Cast Timothy Spall

Stanley finds himself in prison for a crime that he believes that he didn’t commit. After many years in solitary confinement he begins to talk to his comedy heroes from the past as each one tries to help him remember what he’s done.

 Serval and Chaumier: Masters of Shadows

 Premiere • Red Grid • Fiction
Genre: comedy
2016 • France • 20 min. • 2,35:1 • HD
In French with English subtitles
DIR Arthur Goisset , Bastien Daret, SCR Bastien Daret, Arthur Goisset, PRO , ExePro , Co-Pro, , DP/CIN , ProDes , Edit , Costume , Mus , Art , SndMix , SndEd , Cast

1896. In a small French village, Jules Chaumier, professional magician, runs into Marcel Serval, his former disciple who left 10 years ago with his wife Jacqueline. They get into a fight, which should lead them to know who actually is the true “Master of Shadows”...

Saturday November 18, 2017 12:00pm - 1:45pm MST
Ramada — Screen C-1 1575 W 200 N, Cedar City, UT 84720